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Workshop on the Future of Scholarly Publishing

The Workshop on the Future of Scholarly Publishing took place on the afternoon of August 28 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, and will be co-located with the ACM Symposium on Document Engineering.

There is currently much discussion and research about open access, alternative publishing models, semantic publishing, peer review, data sharing, reproducible science, etc.; in short: the future of scholarly publishing.

This workshop aims to bring the document engineering community into these discussions, particularly as many document-centric issues regarding how documents are formatted, exchanged and edited remain unaddressed.

The afternoon session consisted of several short presentations/talks with ample time for discussion afterwards. After the workshop is concluded, presenters were asked to submit a short paper about their topic, which will appear in the Post-Proceedings of the workshop. For generation of these Post-Proceedings, we will be trialling a novel JATS-based workflow which, if successful, could be recommended to the DocEng Steering Committee for future conferences.

Program Committee

Tamir Hassan, Round-Trip PDF Solutions
Additional members:
John Collomosse, University of Surrey
Angelo Di Iorio, University of Bologna
Michael Piotrowski, University of Lausanne
Sonja Schimmler, Universität der Bundeswehr München
Gianmarco Spinaci, University of Bologna

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